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Your computer is trying to contact IP address

ZoneAlarm stopped Internet traffic from leaving your computer. No breach in your security has occurred. Your computer is safe.
What happened?

The ZoneAlarm firewall blocked an outgoing communication from your computer to port 13568 on a remote computer whose IP address is This might have occurred because a program on your computer tried connect to the Internet before ZoneAlarm was fully started.

Should I be concerned?

No. ZoneAlarm blocked the connection attempt, so no harm can come to your computer from it.

What should I do?

Click OK to close the alert box. This does not let any traffic into or out of your computer.

By default, ZoneAlarm is configured to load when you start your computer. For best security, we recommend that you retain this setting.

If you continue to receive this alerts of this kind, check to see what other programs are loading at startup.

Why upgrade to ZoneAlarm Pro?

Complete your online security with advanced email-borne virus protection, Internet ad blocking, as well as a more detailed analysis of intrusion attempts. ZoneAlarm Pro is the next generation in PC firewall protection. It provides 100% peace-of-mind from hackers and identity thieves. The exclusive Privacy Panel allows you to surf more anonymously by controlling cookies and blocking referring url strings.

As a current ZoneAlarm user, you are a perfect candidate for the advanced protection in ZoneAlarm Pro...ZoneAlarm Pro will pick up all your current ZoneAlarm settings! If you want to increase the security of your personal and private information online, you need the advanced protection of ZoneAlarm Pro. Protect your PC and your privacy from the prying eyes of hackers and data thieves with these ZoneAlarm Pro EXCLUSIVES!

Stop hazardous email viruses from infecting your PC.
Block annoying pop-up windows and banner ads.
Eliminate Web site tracking devices.
Pinpoint the source of intrusion attempts.
Lock down your security settings with password protection.

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