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ZoneAlarm has blocked access to port 2869 on your computer

ZoneAlarm has successfully stopped local network or Internet traffic from reaching your computer. No breach in your security has occurred. Your computer is safe.

What happened?

ZoneAlarm blocked traffic to port 2869 on your machine from port 4 on a remote computer whose IP address is This communication attempt may have been a port scan, or simply one of the millions of unsolicited commercial or network control messages that are routinely sent out over the Internet. Such unsolicited messages are often called Internet background noise.

Should I be concerned?

This alert should not be a cause for concern. ZoneAlarm has protected your machine according to the firewall settings you have selected.

What should I do?

You do not need to do anything about this alert unless one of your programs is not functioning correctly or is unable to complete a task. In that case, you can temporarily lower your security level to medium to allow traffic to reach your computer. . Additional Program configuration options can be found in the help files.

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Technical Info

Inside the firewall alert

Alert property Alert property value Technical explanation
Source IP Address The IP address of the computer that sent the packet which caused the alert.
Source Port 4 The port used by the source computer when sending the packet.
Destination IP The IP address of the computer to which the packet was sent.
Destination Port 2869 The port on the destination computer used to receive the packet.
TCP Flags SYN Flag indicating the start of an Internet or network connection.
Transport Layer Protocol TCP The protocol that allows data to be transported between software programs on different computers.
Network Layer Protocol IP The protocol that allows two networked computers to locate each other on a network.
Link Layer Protocol Ethernet The protocol that allows two directly linked computers to share a network cable.
Alert Date Sep-17-2019 06:03:36 AM PDT The time when ZoneAlarm detected the alert on your computer.
Alert Count 1 Number of times this connection attempt repeated its attempt on your machine after the original alert. ZoneAlarm shields your machine from repeated displays of an identical alert.

Security enforcement at time of alert

Lock Level Lock Not Engaged Internet and network connections permitted by your ZoneAlarm settings are not blocked by a lock setting.
Trusted Zone Security Level Medium This ZoneAlarm setting enforces application privileges and Internet Lock settings, leaving your computer visible to other computers in the Trusted Zone. It does not block file or printer shares (NetBIOS) or operating system traffic to and from the Trusted Zone.
Trusted Zone Servers Servers Allowed Computers in your ZoneAlarm Trusted Zone are not prevented from connecting to server programs running on your computer.
Internet Zone Security Level High This ZoneAlarm setting blocks access from the Internet Zone to file and printer shares (NetBIOS) and other operating system services. Ports not currently in use by a program are blocked and are not visible to the Internet Zone. This Security Level also enforces application privileges and Internet Lock settings.
Internet Zone Servers Servers Allowed Computers in your ZoneAlarm Internet Zone are not prevented from connecting to server programs running on your computer.
Packet Direction Incoming The packet that caused the alert was sent from a computer located somewhere on the Internet or on your network. It was being sent to your computer.
Zone Internet Zone This ZoneAlarm zone contains all the computers and networks in the world that are connected to the Internet, until you explicitly define them as members of another zone.
Operating system nullWindows XP-5.1.2600-Service Pack 3-SMP Version of operating system running on your computer.


The most common cause of this alert is that ZoneAlarm may not be configured properly to allow traffic through the firewall. Please refer to the help files for information on configuring programs to function correctly with ZoneAlarm. Possible explanations for the alert include:

  • The communication may have been a legitimate attempt by your ISP, a mail server, or another service attempting to authenticate your IP address or host name.
  • The ZoneAlarm Internet Lock may be engaged
  • There may be excessive network congestion or other network problems that prevent information from being transmitted completely and correctly.

Did you know?

ZoneAlarm Pro logs all intrusion attempts for future analysis. The Alerts and Logging panel allows you to view any alert stored in the log file and submit it for more analysis. Click here for a special offer on ZoneAlarm Pro.


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