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ZoneAlarm Anti-virus has tracked outbound traffic to port 41216 on a remote computer at IP address

This traffic was allowed and tracked by your ZoneAlarm Anti-virus expert firewall rules.
What happened?

Your computer sent network traffic from port 52166 to port 41216 on a remote computer at IP address ZoneAlarm Anti-virus did not block this traffic, because your firewall rules explicitly allow it. An alert or log entry was generated because your Expert firewall rules call for this traffic type to be tracked.

Should I be concerned?

Your computer may send and receive a variety of legitimate network traffic, particularly if you are on a home or business Local Area Network (LAN). Using ZoneAlarm Anti-virus in a default configuration (for example, High security is applied to the Internet Zone, while Medium security is applied to the Trusted Zone) will keep you safe from the vast majority of Internet attacks.

However, you should be concerned if you were surprised by this alert--that is, if you were unaware that you had created an Expert rule that allows this type of traffic.

What should I do?

Confirm that you want to allow traffic from your computer to port 41216 on the computer at IP address If you determine that you do not want to allow this traffic, use the Expert tab in the Firewall panel of the ZoneAlarm Anti-virus control center to disable the rule that allows it.

You should only use Expert rules (like the one that generated this alert) if you have detailed knowledge of port and protocol use. If you do not, we recommend disabling all Expert rules.


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